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Jamie currently produces music out of his studios in Silverlake and Lake Tahoe. Frequent collaborators include Lisa Germano, Ed Kowalczyk, The Black Lilies, Erin Zindle and The Ragbirds, and Paige E. He can also be found producing original music for TV and Film. In 2010 he received Emmy recognition for his work on the Eagles "Live from Melbourne".  Jamie’s passion’s include recording live bands and using vintage and analog methods to create timeless sounding albums. In his spare time he enjoys cooking Italian food and carpentry while he is raising his four pets.

Jamie Candiloro is a Grammy-nominated Los Angeles/Lake Tahoe based producer, mixer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Starting his career in New York City in the 1990s, Jamie quickly began recording music for artists in the city's downtown and indie rock music scene. A chance meeting with Daniel Lanois led to Jamie recording and mixing the Luscious Jackson album Fever In Fever Out. The album contained the single "Naked Eye" which ended up in the top twenty. The early 2000s saw Jamie working with larger artists like Courtney Love, Willie Nelson, and Spice Girl Mel C. He worked with R.E.M. for five years which included two studio albums, a movie soundtrack, a greatest hits record. After moving to Los Angeles, Jamie worked with Ryan Adams as a producer during a period which would include the albums Rock n Roll, Easy Tiger, Follow the Lights, and Vol. III/IV. He also joined Ryan Adams and The Cardinals as a piano player during that time.   





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