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Jamie Candiloro is a Grammy-nominated Los Angeles based producer, mixer, engineer, composer, and musician. Starting his career in studios in New York City in the 1990s, Jamie quickly began recording music for artists in the city's downtown music scene. As an engineer trained on all analog equipment, Jamie still prefers working in a very organic setting with unique sounds and instruments.


A chance meeting with Daniel Lanois led to Jamie recording and mixing the Luscious Jackson album Fever In Fever Out. The album contained the single "Naked Eye" which ended up in the top twenty. The early 2000s saw Jamie working with larger artists like Courtney Love and R.E.M. for five years which included two studio albums, a movie soundtrack, a greatest hits record, and many other songs for films. After moving to Los Angeles, Jamie temporarily returned to New York to work with Ryan Adams during a period which would include the albums Rock n Roll, Easy Tiger, Follow the Lights, and Vol. III/IV. Jamie also joined The Cardinals as a piano player for those record tours.   

Jamie currently produces music out of his studio Los Gatos. Frequent collaborators include Lisa Germano, Red Wanting Blue, Ed Kowalczyk, Laura Tsaggaris, Justin Jones, and Elisa Grace. Although Jamie is usually in the studio shaping other artist's songs and productions, he can also be found producing his original songs for TV/Film. Many of his songs have been heard on TV and Jamie received Emmy recognition for his work on the Eagles "Live from Melbourne". 


Jamie enjoys meeting new artists and helping bring their visions to life. His personal studio in Silverlake is set up to get ideas down quickly and easily while also having access to a lot of unique sounds. Jamie is a multi-instrumentalist and is at home playing multiple parts on records. His first instrument was drums so Jamie's rhythm section work is important in shaping the sound of his productions. As a lover of many different types of music, Jamie enjoys bringing unusual textures into his recordings. Wide, visual, deep, and mysterious, are some of the emotions that are important to Jamie. He also focuses on making records that showcase all of an artist's character and incorporate all elements that are important from a live perspective.  

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